Are You Neglecting Your Home?

Are You Neglecting Your Home?

Most people are not home for the majority of the day so it is really easy to forget about the little things that make a huge difference in the smell of a home. Here are some pointers to get them done and up to par!

1. Always set realistic goals with a date so you know when it needs to be done.

2. Ask for help from the members that live in the household! If they are living in the house it is there dust and dirt too.

3. Pick a date, stick with it, and start cleaning!

Now that you’re organized, you’re ready to get your place looking and smelling like new. I always like to start with those forgotten windows. Start out with just hot soapy water and once you went through all your windows come back with the glass cleaner. Wash inside and out side of your windows and leave open. If you have two levels start upstairs and make your way down. Once you are done with that keep the windows open and strip the matrasses and wash all the sheets along with all window treatments. Don’t put the sheets back on until later that day. Having the windows open helps air everything out including the mattresses. You’re going to want to vacuum your mattress also. This will help get any extra dust bunnies out! You’re going to want to do this with the furniture also. Take the covers off and make sure that they are washable than vacuum all of the cushions and wash all of the covers. Let the furniture also air.

When you have finished up with windows and all of the furniture your going to want to start on the floors. I don’t mean getting the Swiffer out and pushing around the dirt. I mean getting down and dirty! You’re going to want to have a bucket of hot water and floor cleaner. Your going to want a scrub brush that will get into every crack and craves. One with ruff bristles and another with soft bristle for the different floorings that you have in your household. Now its time to start scrubbing!

Once you’ve got you’re hard surface floors done move to the carpet. A lot of people like to do it on there own but it is always nice to have someone come in once a year and do a deep scrub to make sure you are keeping it looking, feeling, and smelling new! Give your local carpet cleaning company a call and they would be happy to assist you. If your near the Minneapolis area don’t be shy to give Common Sense Building Services a call and they will set you up with all the cleaning supplies you need to accomplish what you need done and they will also be happy to set a date and time to stop out to take care of the carpets!

Hope this will help you accomplish a happy and clean home!

Good luck everyone and happy cleaning!!