Carpet-Upholstery Cleaning

Extend the Life of Your Upholstery and Carpet: Cleaning With Care from CSBSI

Every carpet eventually needs to be cleaned, even high-quality ones and those that get daily care. Carpet soils over time as people walk on it, tracking dirt in from outside. In addition, office carpeting is subjected to extra wear like coffee spills requiring a top-notch level of carpet cleaning. Minnesota businesses know that dirt and stains in the carpeting can make for an uncomfortable working environment. Even worse, dirty carpeting and furniture doesn’t send a good signal to clients and customers who may visit your establishment. You want them to feel as though you’re going to take care of them, so show that you take care of your workspace by having the best carpet cleaners Minnesota has to offer: Common Sense Building Services!

Our Four-Part Carpet Cleaning: St. Paul and Twin Cities Businesses Rely on US!

In addition to providing floor cleaning services on a daily basis, we provide our customers with the ultimate in carpet cleaning. Twin Cities companies look to us because of our unique four-part process that removes surface dirt, loosens stains and spots, shampoos out embedded stains and extracts all the dirt from deep within your carpeting. Your carpets will look clean and refreshed when we’re finished, which means your employees will be happier working in a clean office, and your customers will know they’re working with a business that offers great attention to detail. For the best results, don’t trust your carpets to just any carpet cleaners: Minnesota’s own Commercial Building Services, Inc. are the ones to call!

Superior Upholstery Cleaning in Addition to Carpet Cleaners – Minnesota’s Go-To Source!

In addition to providing office cleaning in Minnesota, we are also well-equipped to handle your upholstery cleaning needs. From desk chairs to sofas in waiting rooms, the furniture in your office space is used often by many different people. Even touching furniture with just-washed hands imparts the skin’s natural oils onto the fabric, which becomes a magnet for dust and dirt. Our clients appreciate our high-end products like stain guards to keep furniture looking great between cleanings. More importantly, we use anti-static applications, which provide extra safety when using computers or other electronic equipment.