Would you use the same sponge to clean your kitchen floor and the dishes? Or how about the same mop for the bathroom floor and the kitchen floor? The CSBSI cleaning crew wouldn’t! Using the same sponge or mop for all places creates cross-contamination.

Cross-contamination is when we carry bacteria from one object to another, or object to person, or from person to person. We can cross contaminate food by not washing our hands before cooking or failing to use separate plates for cooked and uncooked food. Cross-contamination can cause serious health issues in people including: nausea, vomiting, dehydrations and abdominal cramps.

Some people don’t realize you can also cross-contaminate when cleaning! Common Sense Building Services, Inc. does know that and we take action against it in every building we clean. One way we achieve this is by using blue rags and mops for bathrooms and green for other areas. Choose the healthy option! Choose CSBSI to clean your building today.


Thanks and safe cleaning!

Common Sense Building Services, Inc.