Floor Care Services

For Floor Cleaning, Minneapolis’ Top Choice is CSBSI

Searching for a Minneapolis floor cleaning service? We offer cleanings that can be performed alone or as part of a comprehensive office cleaning package. With decades of experience, a well-trained staff, high-quality cleaning equipment and products specially selected for every job, Common Sense offers Minneapolis floor cleaning service that is unparalleled.

The Best in Minneapolis Floor Cleaning

One of the many things that sets Common Sense Building Services, Inc. apart from other Minneapolis floor cleaning companies is that we take the time to carefully train every employee in the best cleaning practices, familiarizing them with a wide range of floor cleaning equipment to ensure the best results. When it comes to floor cleaning, Minneapolis businesses that choose us notice a definite improvement in the appearance of their office floors after just one floor cleaning! As an established Minneapolis cleaning service, Common Sense Building Services brings knowledge, experience, and professionalism to every job.

Serving Businesses in Minneapolis: Floor Cleaning for All Surfaces

Common Sense Building Services offers businesses in Minneapolis floor cleaning services for ceramic tile, vinyl tile, marble, wood, concrete, and even raised computer – we don’t just make them shine. We help maintain a floor’s longevity and strength as well. We use only the best floor care products so there’s no residue left behind, eliminating concerns about safety hazards. Common Sense Building Services also offers carpet cleaning to the Twin Cities offices.

When it comes to floor cleaning, Minneapolis and Twin Cities-area businesses can trust Common Sense for clean, safe floors!