Green Cleaning is Smart Cleaning

Green Cleaning is Smart Cleaning

Common Sense Building Services, Inc. makes constant efforts to save money for the businesses in our care. Using our full line of green chemicals and products, we also use a fleet of hybrid and environmentally friendly vehicles.

We currently take care of numerous energy star buildings. Because of our professional cleaning team’s unique process, we can save your company money.  We can help you become an energy star building too!

Using our Green Cleaning methods and green products, we can preserve human health and environmental quality. Our green product lines are formulated with ingredients from natural sources, but still get the job done. Products, such as Green Earth Natural All-Purpose Cleaner and the Green Tile & Grout Restroom Cleaner, will be sure to clean up any bacteria without any harsh side effects to you or our environment.


Safe Green Cleaning!

Common Sense Building Services, Inc.

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