Industrial Strength, Part I

Industrial Strength, Part I

Did you know dust is more likely to combust than the same material in a solid state because the smaller size has a larger ignitable surface area? A larger surface area of dust burns faster and requires less energy to ignite than bulk material. At least 281 combustible dust fires and explosions occurred in the U.S. industry, between 1980-2005, causing at least 119 fatalities and 718 injuries. With CSBSI, you won’t have to worry about these issues. Our team will take care of it for you!

According to the U.S. bureau, there are an estimated 338,309 manufacturing facilities with close to 12 million employees, counting for 11% of the U.S. workforce. They earn an estimated 660 billion in wages each year. These facilities all have special cleaning needs that must be met on a regular basis. Cleaning plays an important role in maintaining a safe, healthy and positive working environment in all areas.

CSBSI understands the functions and cleaning needs of manufacturing facilities. No matter the extent of the cleaning being performed, in industrial sites more than anywhere, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is required and must be worn in all production areas at all times.  Some manufacturing facilities create unique cleaning challenges, such as health and safety hazards and explosion threats related to airborne and settled dust. Let our team worry about the cleanliness and safety of your manufacturing facilities so you won’t have to.

Thanks and Safe Cleaning!

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