Industrial Strength, Part III

Industrial Strength, Part III

In particular facilities, certain care must be taken around machinery, equipment, supplies and chemicals. Cleaners must be informed of any contact that needs to be avoided or cleaned a specific way. The building’s management, along with our own team provides training regarding safety precautions, specific chemicals and equipment and any particular procedures that should be used.

Training a new cleaning crew in facilities with machinery includes teaching many different procedures and rules for that particular location. Cleaners should make sure equipment is properly turned off, no abrasive materials or sharp tools are used that may scratch the surfaces. Any soil should be removed by a plastic putty knife or dustpan. Any excess fluids or oils should be dried with towel so the liquids do not ruin the machinery. Cleaning chemicals should be tested to make sure they are not too strong or too weak. If the cleaners are too strong, paint may be inadvertently removed. Cleaners can also prevent rust on the machinery by applying a lighter coat of machine oil to clean, bare iron.

Using the right equipment for each job will reduce time and effort. Floor machines, auto scrubbers, heavy-duty vacuums, pressure washers and hoists are often used in industrial locations, and lucky for you, CSBSI has ‘em all!


Thanks and Safe Cleaning!

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