Is Your Breakroom a Mess?

Is Your Breakroom a Mess?

It isn’t only important to have a clean building because of your clients. It’s also vital for your employees’ sanity! The cleanliness of your workplace can have an impact of the efficiency of your operation and employees.

One important place in the office, may also be the dirtiest-the Breakroom. The employees need this area to wind down, take a breather, but does it really just stress them out even more? The stress could be caused by a dirty, unsanitary room.  Cleaning your breakroom on a regular basis could be the difference between happy, hard-working employees and sluggish, unproductive ones.

At CSBSI, we understand what a clean breakroom can do for your employees and their work, which is why we never pass on cleaning and sanitizing the building’s breakroom. One of the products we use to make sure the breakroom will create a positive atmosphere for the employees is the Citra Jinx All Purpose Cleaner! The all natural cleaner promotes a fresh orange aroma while cleaning refrigerators, kitchen sinks and counter tops. Also taking care of grease spots and dirt. Leaving your breakroom smelling fresh and clean!


Thanks and Safe Cleaning!

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