Let’s make our mothers proud this year for Mother’s Day!

Let’s make our mothers proud this year for Mother’s Day!

Let’s make our mothers proud this year for Mother’s Day! 


What more could that special lady want than for a clean office building?! Whether it’s a commercial office building, a property or facility management office, a museum or a theater, we have what you need!

One of the main things a customer sees when they walk into your building is your carpet! Every carpet can look like new with the right care! From common areas and dirt being tracked in to the occasional coffee spill from your coworker, a dirty carpet never sends a good message to your clients (or your mom).

It is important to be able to get out all stains, which is what FiberPro can do for you. We use FiberPro on carpets to unlock dirt, stains, and residue for easy removal. This can keep your carpet and building looking brand new. FiberPro can be used on all types of carpet, upholstery and rugs with the use of steam or hot water.

Here at CSBSI, we use some of the industries’ leading products. We have everything you would need for carpet cleaning. Just as no job is too big or too small, no carpet area is either! For your large carpet areas, we use portable carpet extractors with 12-gallon solution tanks. After laying solution into the carpet, the extractor then scrubs the carpet with small cleaning brushes and vacuums the resulting dirty water thoroughly in one pass.  Our teams can also fit into the smallest areas using the Sandia Spot-Xtract Hand Held Portable Extractor, a 3-gallon system that also sprays solutions and vacuums the dirty water afterwards.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks and Safe Cleaning

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