Mild winter... so far, great for cleaners

Mild winter... so far, great for cleaners

This year's mild winter has been good for most, but especially good for cleaners and building owners.

Usually, by this time of year cleaners are well into the battle with salt, snow, and slop. But this year has given us in the north minimal amounts of snow compared to previous years.

This has allowed cleaners and cleaning companies to keep the time and effort they spend in a facility similar to what they would durning the summer months.

If you've budgeted extra time for the sloppy winter months that's not being used then have your cleaners doing an extra floor scrub, clean the insides of the trash containers, or just pay extra attention to those hard to reach areas that don't get cleaned as often. This type of effort will go along way in keeping your customers happy and loyal to your cleaning service for many years to come.

Rest assured, this unseasonable, lack of snow won't last much longer, so take advantage of the easy cleaning, and get the extras done while you still can.

Happy Cleaning & Happy Holidays!