Night Time vs. Day Time Cleaning

Night Time vs. Day Time Cleaning

In the past night time has always been the right time to have the janitorial services in your offices done. Lately, there has been a large shift to daytime cleaning for a number of reasons. Security, Green Cleaning, and Personal Attention are some of those reasons.

When it comes to making the choice to bid your services for day time or night time consider the following: Day time cleaning typically will cost your company more, but will allow your company to be more green friendly (If no one is cleaning at night there's no reason to have lights on, or to have the heat or air on anything but low).

Night time cleaning is going to be more detailed. The last thing a cleaner wants to do is disturb a person working in their office. If you like to see what your cleaner is doing, and appreciate a little interaction with the person doing your cleaning, then the daytime is for you.

Day time and night time? This is a great option for facilities with heavy traffic. The day cleaner in this situation is called the Day Porter and will handle cleaning of the common areas (entrances, rest rooms, lunchrooms, etc.) after busy times in the day, and also take care of any spills, specialty projects, or emergencies that come up during the day. The night time cleaning staff will have an easier time cleaning everything at night, because the Day Porter will have lightened their load.

The decision of Night vs. Day (or Both) is ultimately up to what you want the cleaning goals to be at your facilities, and the budget that you have for janitorial services. Look into all options possible and chose the best fit for your facilities.