One Can Determine A Clean Bathroom In A Moment

One Can Determine A Clean Bathroom In A Moment

According to the ISSA, the average bathroom takes 27 minutes to clean. This includes taking out the trash, cleaning and disinfecting any and all fixtures, wiping mirrors, replacing supplies and wet mopping the floor.

Do your current services or in-house cleaners meet this degree of professional service? Here at CSBSI, we pride ourselves on the quality of our standards.


One can determine a clean bathroom from a pungent disaster zone in a matter of seconds. Everyone dreads a filthy public restroom, but no one enjoys cleaning one either. Our professional cleaning crews stand ready to combat your restroom’s worst smells, mishaps and contaminations.


Does your floor look like it hasn’t been clean in years because of the built up residue and grout? That’s an easy fix with Grout Smart’s hydrogen peroxide, non-acid formula. It removes even the heaviest build up and dirt while destroying odors with its clean lime smell.


Not only will we sanitize and disinfect your restroom, we will also replenish any supplies necessary. From toilet seat covers to air fresheners, we’ve got any and all supplies you may need!


Special thanks to John Walker’s Official ISSA 540 Cleaning Times.

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