Salt Damage To Floors

Salt Damage To Floors

Snow again? Do you know what that means? More mess on those floors at the office! How can one keep up with cleaning during this long winter? Well with hardwood, laminate and even some vinyl flooring, care, cleaning and maintenance may require more time and effort in the winter than you want to deal with. Snow, slush, mud, road salt, and ice-melt chemicals can excessively track into the office. Inside, the residual water from any of these elements can stain and warp some floors, even lead to swelling of the flooring, as well as mold and mildew growing in and under the floors. Winter can be rough, so here is something you might consider getting your floor through the winter season.

What can I do to protect my floors this winter, you ask? With all floorings it is very hard to keep them looking nice in the winter. Salt is hard on varnish and can even cause warping. Carpet is also hard to keep clean so it’s good to have floor mats to catch slush and snow at the door when a customer comes in. It is important to keep these mats as clean and dry as possible. You may even consider investing in an additional mat that you can use while drying the other.

If you do end up getting stains on your office carpet our professional crews are highly trained in everything a building may need. This includes carpet and floor cleaning, janitorial services, upholstery cleaning, and many other specialized services. We leave our clients satisfied with our quality services, our green cleaning products, and team cleaning techniques that can help make your building Energy Star Efficient. Its time to upgrade. Put CSBSI up to the challenge!


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