Spring Cleaning Part 1.

Spring Cleaning Part 1.

For some theres nothing more refreshing then the annual spring clean. For others the thought can be nauseating. Just thinking about all the chemicals and fumes can give me a headache. Not to mention trying to find the right product for the right job and where to start???

Well, to try to alleviate some of the headache, we here at Common Sense have put together a product and checklist with tips and precautions to help you out. For the next few weeks leading up to spring we will be going room to room, giving you the tools for the cleanest home or office

Before we start on a specific room it best we start at the top and dust off everything. But with so many dusters on the market you want to make sure you are using the right one for the right jobs. A personal favorite of mine is the Lambswool Duster with Extendable Handle. Its 100% natural, hygienic, washable and very versatile. The extendable handle is perfect for the vertically challenged and is also ideal for your vehicle. the Lamswool Duster can be found at www.cleanercorner.com along with many more dusters to fit your needs.

Next week we will be focusing on your kitchen or community break room.

Safe cleaning,

Common Sense and Cleaner Corner