Spring Cleaning Part 2: Kitchens and Community Break Rooms

Spring Cleaning Part 2: Kitchens and Community Break Rooms

Last week we started our count down to Spring, ( 26 MORE DAYS!), with part one of our Spring cleaning tips on dusting. And now that you have everything dust free, we will focus on the kitchen and community break room.

Always start at the top and work your way down. Be sure to wipe out shelves from top cabinets and clean behind and under any appliances that sit on top of the counter as well as appliances that can moved out; i.e, the refrigerator and stove...

WARNING: Be sure that you turn off appliances at the circuit breaker or fuse box. When dealing with gas its best to call a professional to assist you.

When cleaning your counters or cabinets its best to use a product that has no acids or bleaches. My suggestion is Green Earth RTU Peroxide, which is also great for cleaning showers, tubs, tile and chrome.

A tip to help your refrigerator run better and longer is to dust the coils. To do so, again make sure that the refrigerator is completly turned off and locate the coils. They are usualy at the bottom under the grill. Its best to use the crevice attachment for the vacuum to suck the dust out.

Next week we will be cleaning your Living or confrence room.

Safe cleaning,

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