The war on DUST-What can be done to stop it

The war on DUST-What can be done to stop it

One of the top complaints in the cleaning industry is dust. Dust on the air diffusers, dust on top of cabinets, dust on bases of chairs, DUST EVERYWHERE!

Common Sense Building Services can help you take a stand against dust. But how? Here are 2 easy ways to cut back on the dust in your facility:

1) Choose a service that uses only HEPA filter vacuums such as a Sandia HEPA Raven Back Pack Vacuum, or if you like an upright vacuum, use the Tornado CK 14/1 vacuum

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particle Air (Filter). HEPA filter vacuums started out in the cleaning industry as a standard practice for healthcare cleaning. But now they are used every day in museums, office buildings, factories, and many other facilities.

HEPA filter vacuums, unlike conventional vacuums, filter and trap dust, allergens, and micro organisms and keep them inside the filter, and in the vacuum. Conventional vacuums tend to kick dust back into the air, and on top of the places in your facilities.

2) Use disposable dust cloths. Using a duster is great, but when the duster is full of dust you're only spreading the dust around. You can shake it out all you want, it's not helping to make that duster new again.

Wrap your duster in a disposable dust cloth and use it until it's full of dust and time to grab a new one.This is an inexpensive way to be sure you are not spreading dust around your facilities.

Choosing a cleaning service that uses these products will help you take a stand against dust once and for all.