Time, Performance and Quality

Time, Performance and Quality

In general, when people hear “janitorial services” they think cleaning. However, CSBSI sees janitorial services as numerous types of recognized standards used to measure operational parameters. These standards include: training, production, ethics, staffing, conduct, appearance, equipment, safety, management, productivity, procedural, and processes.


As is evident from the list above, the number and variety of standards associated with custodial work is extensive. Our standards are based on time, performance, and quality. Using these three categories allows us to make sure our professional crew ‘s performance is finished in a timely manner, making sure the job is done to our quality standards, as well as the businesses’ for which we work.


CSBSI prides itself on being the local, family-owned and –operated company. We are large enough to handle your cleaning needs, but small enough to understand the importance of customer service. As management, we provide our crew with the foundation for success.


Thanks and Safe cleaning

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