Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Its that time of the year when dirt is flying around from the wind and rain, and when the sun does shine, your windows look horrible. My best advice is to call a professional. Windows can be high and ladders can be dangerous. Window cleaning can also be pricy as well. A good way to cut the price down is to clean your interior windows yourself.

We all have heard of and used different ways of window cleaning to get the "streak- free shine." From windex to vinegar and using newspaper. The best way to get the cleanest windows is to get yourself the right tools, which are sold at Cleaner Corner. You'll need: A strip washer, squeegee and a bucket. For a cleaning solution, Dawn dish soap works wonders and a hand full of micro fiber towels.

Step 1: Add only a few drops of dawn dish soap to the bucket. You don't want it too sudsy and fill with hot water.

Step 2: Soak your strip washer, then squeeze out most of the excess water. Apply to the window in a circular motion. Scrub vigorously to break up grim, dust and dirt.

Step 3: Once the window is completely scrubbed, take your squeegee in a horizontal position and squeegee off the water and suds from top to bottom, left to right.

Step 4: With the micro fiber towels, soak up all the water at the bottom of the window sill and wipe all edges of the window. Make sure to get the top of the window to avoid water drips.

Thanks and safe cleaning

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