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Our Cleaning Service Offers Superior Janitorial Services

For superior cleaning services, the Twin Cities commercial cleaning establishment of choice is Common Sense Building Services, Inc. Our experienced staff of more than 100 employees and quality offerings have allowed us to build great relationships with a large number of businesses in the region. Common Sense Building Services, Inc. cleans over two million square feet of space in more than 60 buildings throughout the city – it’s our way of contributing to and supporting the economic success of the Twin Cities. We’re more than just a Twin Cities cleaning service – we’re your business partner.

The Best Janitorial Services: Twin Cities Commercial Cleaning by CSBSI

Of all the services provided by Common Sense Building Services, Inc. in Twin Cities, commercial cleaning is one of the largest parts of our business. Quality janitorial services such as vacuuming, waste removal, sweeping, and dusting keep offices clean and running smoothly, while restroom cleaning, spot cleaning, and floor cleaning ensure a safe and hygienic workplace for all employees. As a courtesy and convenience, commercial cleaning services are available any or all days of the week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Need Additional Commercial Cleaning? Custom Solutions from CSBSI

In the Twin Cities, cleaning services are easy to find — but not every establishment offers customized cleaning packages created to fit certain specifications like CSBSI. Our customer-service-centered approach addresses the concerns and needs of each individual client, whether regular commercial cleaning services are desired or just a one-time cleaning. Services are also available and can include the most thorough window cleaning in Minnesota (we keep your view squeaky clean). Just ask for more information!

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For Floor Cleaning, Minneapolis’ Top Choice is CSBSI

Searching for a Minneapolis floor cleaning service? We offer cleanings that can be performed alone or as part of a comprehensive office cleaning package. With decades of experience, a well-trained staff, high-quality cleaning equipment and products specially selected for every job, Common Sense offers Minneapolis floor cleaning service that is unparalleled.


The Best in Minneapolis Floor Cleaning

One of the many things that sets Common Sense Building Services, Inc. apart from other Minneapolis floor cleaning companies is that we take the time to carefully train every employee in the best cleaning practices, familiarizing them with a wide range of floor cleaning equipment to ensure the best results. When it comes to floor cleaning, Minneapolis businesses that choose us notice a definite improvement in the appearance of their office floors after just one floor cleaning! As an established Minneapolis cleaning service, Common Sense Building Services brings knowledge, experience, and professionalism to every job.

Serving Businesses in Minneapolis: Floor Cleaning for All Surfaces

Common Sense Building Services offers businesses in Minneapolis floor cleaning services for ceramic tile, vinyl tile, marble, wood, concrete, and even raised computer – we don’t just make them shine. We help maintain a floor’s longevity and strength as well. We use only the best floor care products so there’s no residue left behind, eliminating concerns about safety hazards. Common Sense Building Services also offers carpet cleaning to the Twin Cities offices.

When it comes to floor cleaning, Minneapolis and Twin Cities-area businesses can trust Common Sense for clean, safe floors!


Extend the Life of Your Upholstery and Carpet: Cleaning With Care from CSBSI

Every carpet eventually needs to be cleaned, even high-quality ones and those that get daily care. Carpet soils over time as people walk on it, tracking dirt in from outside. In addition, office carpeting is subjected to extra wear like coffee spills requiring a top-notch level of carpet cleaning. Minnesota businesses know that dirt and stains in the carpeting can make for an uncomfortable working environment. Even worse, dirty carpeting and furniture doesn’t send a good signal to clients and customers who may visit your establishment. You want them to feel as though you’re going to take care of them, so show that you take care of your workspace by having the best carpet cleaners Minnesota has to offer: Common Sense Building Services!


Our Four-Part Carpet Cleaning: St. Paul and Twin Cities Businesses Rely on US!

In addition to providing floor cleaning services on a daily basis, we provide our customers with the ultimate in carpet cleaning. Twin Cities companies look to us because of our unique four-part process that removes surface dirt, loosens stains and spots, shampoos out embedded stains and extracts all the dirt from deep within your carpeting. Your carpets will look clean and refreshed when we’re finished, which means your employees will be happier working in a clean office, and your customers will know they’re working with a business that offers great attention to detail. For the best results, don’t trust your carpets to just any carpet cleaners: Minnesota’s own Commercial Building Services, Inc. are the ones to call!

Superior Upholstery Cleaning in Addition to Carpet Cleaners – Minnesota’s Go-To Source!

In addition to providing office cleaning in Minnesota, we are also well-equipped to handle your upholstery cleaning needs. From desk chairs to sofas in waiting rooms, the furniture in your office space is used often by many different people. Even touching furniture with just-washed hands imparts the skin’s natural oils onto the fabric, which becomes a magnet for dust and dirt. Our clients appreciate our high-end products like stain guards to keep furniture looking great between cleanings. More importantly, we use anti-static applications, which provide extra safety when using computers or other electronic equipment.

Need Window Cleaning? Minnesota Uses CSBSI for Specialty Cleaning Services

Common Sense Building Services Inc. is the desirable solution for most businesses’ specialty cleaning service needs. Of course, some businesses offer unusual services that require a little extra care from time to time, especially tough jobs like window cleaning. Minnesota based businesses look to Common Sense Building Services to tackle their specialty cleaning needs to keep their workplaces clean, and to keep their employees and customers happy and comfortable.


Need Window Cleaning? Minnesota Uses CSBSI for Specialty Cleaning Services

For most businesses in Minneapolis, office cleaning is essential. But if you run a different type of business, such as one with a showroom or with an abundance of display cases, you may need more. Because Common Sense provides wall cleaning and window cleaning, St. Paul businesses get the most for their money. Regular cleaning can help the paint finish last longer. Or perhaps your business provides a kitchen for employee use. Even if employees perform a cursory cleaning on a daily basis, the kitchen will eventually need a top-to-bottom cleaning. From scrubbing the counters and sinks, to deep scrubbing and floor cleaning, Minneapolis depends on Common Sense Building Services, Inc., to keep its business spaces clean and serviceable.

Outdoor Specialty Services

Not every business is based in an office. If there’s a garage or warehouse to be cleaned, the Common Sense team is equipped with specialized cleaning equipment that makes the job go smoothly and quickly. We also have the equipment and experience to pressure-wash concrete and surfaced outside the warehouse if necessary. When it’s time for a window cleaning, Minnesota businesses know that Common Sense Building Services, Inc. can handle the job and do it well.

Builders no doubt want to focus on building and completing projects, usually under deadline. Having to haul away debris only takes time away from construction. Let us do your construction site clean-up. Not only will it keep the work area clean and clear, it will reduce the possibility of accidents, keeping the worksite safer for your employees. And remember – when that building is finished and needs window cleaning, Minnesota based Common Sense is ready to provide that service as well.

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